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Soy Wax Candle

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Jar size: 8 oz

Burn time: 45-50h

100% natural soy wax (phthalate-free and skin-safe scents) made from the oil of soybeans which burns cleanly and slowly.
Cotton wicks (lead and zinc free)

Hand-poured in Montreal, Canada

HONEY FIG & GINGER / A day in the Mediterranean surrounded by the fig trees, the fresh air and the flower fields added to the soft touch of honey and ginger.

CYPRUS & FIG / This candle makes you think you are surrounded by giant cypress in a very fresh and sunny forest in the mountains. A great blend of cypress needles, Grecian fig and cedar bark. This is our bestseller by far.

GRAPEFRUIT / You will feel the sunshine and the smell of a freshly poured grapefruit juice. The perfect mix between the sweetness and the tartness of this delicious fruit. 

ROSEMARY & MINT / It's like fresh morning dew in the garden kind-of scent. Combining cool peppermint leaves and woody rosemary, it's our favourite fragrance for relaxing moments.

PEACH / Imagine yourself in a peach orchard surrounded by hundreds of trees, picking just the best fruits to make a delicious marmalade.

PEAR & BASIL / This candle is great for the warm summer days and the cold nights. Very subtle sweet touch and the freshness of Bosc pears combine with the delicate spices of basil.

CARDAMOM / Cardamom is a robust spice similar to clove and cinnamon. With warm wood notes and sweet tobacco, this candle is a must when the temperature starts cooling down. It feels like being at the cottage with cedar floors, cozy blankets and leaves falling down from trees.

EARL GREY / It's like a cozy afternoon sipping a steaming tea and reading a great book. A soft tea scent with fresh tones of flowers and bergamot. The perfect comfort candle.

EUCALYPTUS / This earthy eucalyptus is a very refreshing spa-like scent.

LAVENDER & SAGE / This soothing traditional lavender scent softened with sage and fern greens will transport you in a blooming lavender field. 

STARLIGHT / Starlight is Baltic Club's Holiday special candle. Starlight is the smell of a snowy night, with the sky covered with shooting stars. Nature's empowering cedar bark with subtle notes of spice. Top notes of cinnamon and jasmine, with heart notes of neroli and french lavender, tied together with a base of cassia root and golden sandalwood. 

PISTACHIO / Get ready for the rich and creamy pistachio fragrance of this candle. Green nutty, savoury notes of pistachio blend perfectly with notes of amaretto cream, giving this unique slightly sweet scent a little twist with just enough bitterness to balance it.

WHITE FIR & PEACH / The fragrance opens with a refreshing burst of white fir, creating a sense of tranquility and evoking images of evergreen forests. The woodsy and resinous notes of cedar wood add a touch of freshness and depth. As the scent develops, the sweet and juicy accents of peach nectar, infusing the blend with a vibrant twist.

GINGER & BLACK PEPPER / An intriguing blend of soft and bold notes that create a smooth, inviting, somewhat masculine fragrance. Creamy ginger, just a bit of nutmeg, and black pepper are topped off with lively spices and orange zest. While this is an excellent candle for those cooler months, it's a must for rainy-days all year round. 

OAK & SAGE / The woody notes of cedar and white oak with the delicate touch of frosted sage. The fragrance is further enriched with the aromatic hints of black tea and bergamot, creating a refreshing and revitalizing experience. This cool and invigorating blend captures the crispness of the forest.

AMBER & DRIFTWOOD / Immerse yourself in the essence of a sunny beach vacation with the Amber & Driftwood fragrance, where coastal mist, sea grass, beach lily, sun-bleached driftwood, warm amber sands, lemon, orange, beach lily lotus, dewy cyclamen, driftwood, and white musk intertwine to create a captivating scent that evokes the blissful ambience of the seaside.

GOLDEN SANDALWOOD / Indulge in the comforting embrace of our golden sandalwood fragrance oil, where the warm and soothing blend of golden nectar, cashmere, caramel, amber, and softwoods intertwine, while delicate notes of rose and cedar add an elevated touch of sandalwood forming an enchanting olfactory experience.

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