Tea Tree Essential Oil

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Tea Tree Essential Oil Benefits

Wondering what the tea tree essential oil benefits are? The uses of this natural wonder are endless. It can treat acne, infections, stimulate the immune system, repel mosquitos, and more.

Our 100% natural, pure-grade tea tree essential oil is entirely undiluted for higher efficacy. Tea tree essential oil comes from the leaves of a small tree native to Australia named the Melaleuca Alternifolia. Here at Way of Will, we get ours straight from the source to deliver you the highest quality essential oil. Australian Aborigines have long known the many tea tree essential oil uses. They’ve used tea tree essential oil as a traditional medicine for centuries by crushing the leaves and extracting the oil.

There are many cheap tea tree essential oils out there that are mass-produced. Unfortunately, many come from poor crops and are packed with nasty chemicals. The truth is that anything less than 100% is a waste of your money as it doesn’t contain the full benefits. At Way of Will, all of our tea tree essential oils are of the highest quality. Our tea tree oil is packaged in an all-black bottle to prevent deterioration due to sunlight.

When used in a diffuser or oil burner, tea tree essential oil has a fresh and clean smell which is often described as medicinal. As tea tree essential oil has many uses and benefits, it’s a must-have in any essential oil collection. When you have a cold or flu, diffuse some through your home to quickly relieve your symptoms.

If you’re suffering from skin conditions or acne, apply it topically to your skin. The tea tree oil fights bacteria, soothes irritation, and detoxifies the skin.

Why We Love Tea Tree Essential Oil?

  • 100% natural pure-grade undiluted tea tree essential oil
  • Sourced directly from its native Australia
  • Clean and fresh fragrance for aromatherapy
  • Used to treat oily and congested skin
  • Ideal for acne sufferers
  • A must-have in any essential oil collection
  • Anti-fungal and antiseptic properties for topical use
  • Fights bacteria and detoxifies the skin
  • Relieves cold and flu symptoms
  • Invigorates and stimulates the senses
  • Combats nervous exhaustion and depression

15ml Bottle with dropper

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