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To become chocolate, cacao must go through a dramatic transformation. Cacao is grown in lush forests and harvested. It is fermented and dried. It is cracked, winnowed and ground into the chocolate we know and love. 
      At SRSLY chocolate, We start with dried, fermented cacao beans.
      After harvest, the cacao pods are fermented. This crucial step begins to develop the chemical compounds that we perceive as chocolate flavor.
      Upon arrival, the beans are inspected and graded before roasting. Roasting is a crucial step in cacao's journey to chocolate. A "low and slow" approach is taken by us to properly tease out the bean's flavor.
After roasting, the beans are roughly cracked in a roller mill and sent to our handmade winnower. The purpose of the winnower is to remove the papery husks from the rich nib. A strong vacuum removes the husks from the nib as it passes through the machine. The husks are then donated to local farms for mulch.
The nibs are roughly ground into a paste and then placed in our granite stone mills. The paste is refined along with sugar for days to produce the smooth yet assertive chocolate that defines SRSLY chocolate.  


Sea Salt and Almond: Organic California almonds and sea salt accentuate the dark fruity forward complexity of our stone ground 70% dark chocolate. 2 oz

Ingredients: Cacao*, Sugar*, Almonds*, salt  *ORGANIC

Coconut Milk: This 57% coconut milk bar is fudgey, velvety, creamy and filled with cocunutty goodness. We add coconut to our stone mills to create this dairy free bar. 2oz

Ingredients: Cacao*, coconut*, Sugar*  *ORGANIC

Oaxacan Espresso Bar: We've added organic Mexican chipotle pepper and locally roasted organic coffee from our friends at Third Coast Coffee to our classic 70% bar. Smoke and fruit dominate the beginning. A warm, complex coffee and chocolate middle note that gives way to a spicy finish. Add a little bite and buzz to your day! 2 oz

Ingredients: Cacao*, Sugar*, Coffee*, Chipotle pepper* 

Dirty White: We press our own cacao butter here at SRSLY. It isn't filtered, bleached or deodorized. Its all natural and its got a beautiful caramel note in this 'dirty" white chocolate bar.

Ingredients - cacao butter, milk powder, cane sugar organic.

30% Milk: Made with beans from the Dominican Republic. The cacao butter we use is pressed in-house using the same cacao beans we use for our chocolate, making this a truly single origin chocolate bar.  2 oz

Ingredients: Cacao*, Sugar*, Milk Powder, Cacao Butter*

70% Oko Caribe Bar: Our flagship bar. These beans from the Oko-Caribe cooperative from the Dominican Republic are fruity and bold. Notes of tamarind and stone fruit.

Ingredients - cacao, cane sugar organic.

Sal De Ray Bar: We hand harvested salt from the bank of an ancient salt lake in the Rio Grande Valley and sprinkled it on our classic 70% dark chocolate. The unique minerality of this Texas salt accentuates the bright fruit notes of the chocolate.

Ingredients - cacao, cane sugar, hand harvested Texas salt.


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