Paint Instructions

Step-by-Step | How to Use Shelter by Spruce Collective Furniture Paint


Step One | PREP | Although no sanding or priming is required for most furniture or surfaces, you must begin with a clean, dry surface. For wood or wood veneers simply clean with a degreaser, then sand with a medium grit sand paper to de-gloss your surface and provide some “tooth” for the paint to adhere to. Wipe with a tack cloth and mineral spirits to remove any fine debris and residue. Always test paint in a small area first, to ensure proper adhesion. Some plastic laminates and veneers may need to have a bonding primer applied first.


Step Two | BASE | Paint the entire piece with a base coat. Can be applied with a brush, roller or sprayer. Using a a coarse bristled and/or cross-hatched pattern of paint strokes will result in a more rustic finish than a smooth bristled brush and/or uniform strokes. May be thinned with water up to 5% for spray applications. 
Step Three | PAINT | Apply a second coat of chalk-type paint. For more aged finishes, 2 coats is plenty but for a more polished finish, 3 is best. Remember, more brush strokes and texture results in a more aged finish. Dry for 30-40 minutes.
Step Four | DISTRESS | *OPTIONAL | Highlight aged details by using a damp sponge (right away) or fine grit sandpaper (after paint has cured) on corners, edges and carvings. For an authentically aged look, focus on edges that would wear away naturally over time. Clean away dust with a cloth.


Any questions? Visit our Paint FAQ page (click here) for more information. All of our staff are knowledgable and trained to use this paint and all products and are just a visit to the shop or a phone call away! View our sample boards in store.

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