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Lavender Essential Oil Benefits

Wondering what the lavender essential oil benefits are? This popular essential oil is probably most well known for its sleep-boosting properties, But it’s not a one-trick-pony. Use it to alleviate stress, fight bacteria, and calm your mood, too.

Our lavender essential oil is sourced straight from the stunning lavender fields in France. It’s 100% natural, pure-grade, and entirely undiluted for higher efficacy. Its aroma is instantly recognizable with a fresh, clean floral top note and woody, herbaceous undertones. As lavender essential oil is one the most widely loved oils, there are many cheap imitations. Unfortunately, many of these come from poor crops, are packed with nasty chemicals, and have an artificial scent.

They don’t smell like the real thing, and they certainly don’t have the same benefits. At Way of Will, our lavender essential oil is top grade like all of our essential oils. We thoughtfully packaged it in a black bottle which prevents deterioration from sunlight so that you can enjoy all the lavender essential oil benefits. The lavender essential oil uses are endless. Struggling to sleep? Pop some in a diffuser or even put a few drops on your pillow.

Lavender oil also works well to prevent and heal acne. Thanks to its anti-bacterial properties, it unclogs pores and reduces inflammation.

Why We Love Lavender Essential Oil?

  • 100% natural pure-grade undiluted lavender essential oil
  • Made with French lavender sourced directly from France
  • Floral and herbaceous fragrance for aromatherapy
  • A natural sleep aid
  • Alleviates stress and lifts the mood
  • Used to treat oily and congested skin
  • Ideal for acne sufferers
  • A must-have in any essential oil collection
  • Anti-fungal and antibacterial properties for topical use
  • Fights bacteria and detoxifies the skin
  • Unclogs the pores and keeps skin smooth

15ml Bottle with Dropper

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