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Complete Embroidery Kits by Hook, Line & Tinker. Made in Nova Scotia.

Included in each kit:

  • pre-printed pattern on unbleached cotton fabric
  • 15cm (6”) embroidery hoop
  • embroidery floss
  • embroidery needle
  • instructions
  • stitch guide


Complete Embroidery Kit: I Read Past My Bedtime by Hook, Line & Tinker
This pattern is a "hoot" for book lovers. But go on, STITCH past your bedtime too! All of the stitches are basic, introductory embroidery stitches (you can do it!). Your friends and family will undoubtedly be very impressed by your finished creation. Choose to incorporate lots of links (detached chain) or simply use a single stitch for a very first-time
friendly design.
LEVEL: Ambitious Beginner/First Time Friendly 


Complete Embroidery Kit: Gnomework by Hook, Line & Tinker
Don't be fooled by the name "Gnomework", this friendly, forest dwelling fellow is all play. Surrounded by modern, abstract mushrooms, he's right at home in a poplar forest. The gnome and woodland scene is made using a series of beginner embroidery stitches, including a backstitch (he's mostly backstitch...easy peasy), detached chain (link) for his beard, satin stitch, and two French knots for eyes. BTW The satin stitch is edged with a backstitch because it looks great AND hides any imperfections so
you always look like a pro. It's like magic!
LEVEL: Ambitious Beginner Friendly

Complete Embroidery Kit: Fungus Among Us by Hook, Line & Tinker
One of nature’s super-powered recyclers, mushrooms are beautiful, varied, and sometimes deadly. This collection of fungi is super fun to stitch, elegant looking, and beginner friendly too. Created using only introductory embroidery stitches, Fungus Among Us is almost entirely backstitch and single stitch, with just a few detached chains in the central mushroom top. But this is a great pattern for customization! Vary the stitches, add French knots...the possibilities are endless.
LEVEL: First Time Beginner Friendly

Complete Embroidery Kit: Fox in Phlox by Hook, Line & Tinker
This sweet fox pattern with modern, abstract flowers is sooooo much fun to stitch! While a little more ambitious than some of my other designs, it's made using just three basic embroidery stitches - backstitch, detached chain (link) stitches, and French knots.
LEVEL: Ambitious Beginner Friendly

Complete Embroidery Kit: Bee Kind, Dandelion by Hook, Line & Tinker
A weed? The first food for the bees. Edible roots, flowers and leaves. The much maligned dandelion is an eco and body-friendly powerhouse. This modern interpretation is ultra modern and beginner friendly.
LEVEL: First Time Beginner Friendly

Complete Embroidery Kit: Gild the Lily by Hook, Line & Tinker
More is more. When you take something that is already beautiful and add more to it, it's called "gilding the lily" or "painting the lily", as per Shakespeare. When I first stitched this pattern, I started with just lime green and black, but then I wondered how it would look in my classic emerald green. Those two options went out into the world for my wonderful customers to decide, but it was a split decision! And there were many calls for "both" So I stitched it AGAIN with both colours, and even added a little red,
and voila! A pattern that breaks all the rules. You can simplify and use all one colour, or go for it and add all three for your own personal design. This one's fancy ;)
LEVEL: Ambitious Beginner Friendly

Complete Embroidery Kit: Knittin’ Kitten by Hook, Line & Tinker
MEOW! This Knittin' Kitten is ready to play! Your friends and family will undoubtedly be very impressed by your finished creation.
LEVEL: First Time Beginner Friendly

Complete Embroidery Kit: Hope Floats My Boat by Hook, Line & Tinker
I have great admiration for the beautiful simplicity of Japanese design, and Hope Floats My Boat is my own playful interpretation and nod to the aesthetic. The pattern was created from my own original, hand-sketched illustration. A red origami boat on a sashiko inspired sea, this modern design is all about texture and contrast and is made using the simplest of stitches.
LEVEL: First Time Beginner Friendly

Complete Embroidery Kit: Release the Kraken by Hook, Line & Tinker
A legendary sea monster feared by those who dared to sail the seas, the Kraken's tentacles make for some fun stitching. After all, maybe he just likes to give hugs? All of the stitches are basic, introductory embroidery stitches (you can do it!). Made mostly using single stitches and the backstitch (easy peasy!), suckers are made using a detached chain (link) and an (optional) chain stitch round out a dynamic design full of movement and texture.
LEVEL: Ambitious Beginner Friendly

Complete Embroidery Kit: Red Riding Hood by Hook, Line & Tinker
Red Riding Hood is all grown up. Unafraid of the big bad wolf, Red's ready for a walk in the woods with both ax and sword in hand. But is she the hero, or is she the villain? The quote around the image is from William Golding's "Lord of the Flies". This pattern is beginner friendly and easy to follow.
LEVEL: First Time Beginner Friendly

 Small Print:
• The fabric included is unbleached cotton with its own naturally perfect imperfections.
• Colours may appear differently on displays.

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