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Mad Monk - Our Organic take on the classic Monk’s Blend. Light fruity grenadine lifts exotic caramel and vanilla creating a unique flavor with a smooth and mellow finish.

Wide Eye - This yerba maté blend is robust and energizing. Yerba maté notes are tempered with refreshing lemon and a lovely spearmint finish.

Hot Head - This Chai tea is a perfect combination of peppery spice and sweet cardamom. Hot yet refreshing.

Fifty Shades - This bold Earl Grey is filled with natural bergamot, infusing the air with a noticeable heady aroma.

Pillow Talk - Calm the body and the mind with this herbal blend. Smooth, spicy notes with sweet rooibos coming to the fore, finishing with relaxing lavender.

Green Thumb - This Hyson green tea is an excellent example of a robust China green tea. Bold and full flavored with hints of pine on the finish. 

Mouth Breather -  This herbal blend will make you want to jump. Light, tart, fruity mint opens your palate, while floral and fruit follow, finishing with bold ginger.

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